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Time to be an early bird

We’re very excited to announce that all of our very early bird tickets have sold! To be honest, they sold a while ago, but I’m still getting into my groove with this blogging thing, so bear with me.

People from all around the North Island and some from the UK have their tickets already, and will be joining us in April to experience all things Agile. (I do wonder what happened to the South Island people though? I know there’s some amazing Agile practitioners down there, so I hope they haven’t been put off by our reputation for great beaches, great weather and great hospitality.)

But don’t worry there’s still time for you to to get a great deal with our early bird tickets. There are only a limited number of tickets available at this discounted rate, so don’t miss out.

Head over here to book your space at NZ’s first beach-side Agile conference, here in the sunny Bay of Plenty.


Ngā mihi,


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